Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities for volunteering.

 Volunteer Opportunities If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please make an appointment at: George W. Mead Wildlife Area, 201517 County Highway S, Milladore, WI 54454. Phone: (715) 457-6771 

Volunteer Positions:

The following describes many of the opportunities that we have at the Mead Wildlife Area.

If you have other interests, ideas, or special skills that you would like to share with us, please let us know. We will work together to develop a project that is meaningful and mutually beneficial.

Event Volunteers

 Event Volunteers Job Duties: Individuals in this position will assist in tasks related to events. Some events are designed to involve families with pre-school and school age children. Other events require adult help such as seasonal cleaning and decorating. Able to work well with others, and flexible to work in different event areas.

Knowledge Required:

  • Desire to work with others
  • Exhibit patience with children
  • Like being out of doors if assigned to outdoor activities
  • Flexibility to change event assignment if additional help is required elsewhere

Hours: Many events take place on the weekends, so a person in this position should be available to work on the Event Weekend, or you may wish to help with some of the event preparation during the week before the Event.

Term: Any length of involvement is greatly appreciated, depending on an individual’s availability.

Assistant Education Facilitator

 Assistant Education Facilitator Job Duties: An individual in this position will assist Mead personnel in carrying out planned educational programming. Educational programming is primarily designed for school age children with an activity based approach. Facilitators will become involved in session set-up and/or presentation of material. Most help is needed in the Spring and Fall. Training will be provided.

Knowledge Required:

  • Knowledge of or familiarity with teaching techniques and approaches.
  • Biology background or interest in the natural world.
  • Desire to work with children and unending patience.
  • Must like being out of doors.

Hours: A person in this position must be available weekdays and occasional weekends. Our busiest periods are late April through early June. Hours may range from 6 to 24 hours per week, depending on an individual’s personal schedule and availability. Program schedules are preset in advance and will be available for planning purposes.

Term: Any length of involvement welcomed, 6 months or long term commitments at your discretion.

Volunteer Greeter 

Volunteer Greeter Job Duties: An individual working in this position will be the initial and principle contact person for visitors to the Center. Each Greeter will be provided materials, handouts, and general information to aid them in performing the tasks of this position. Brochures in regard to the Center’s renewable energy systems, educational programming, fund-raising, and volunteer opportunities may be provided to the visitor upon request. Individual training will be provided. A manual was created to assist Greeters when they are volunteering at the Center. Within the manual is information explaining the purpose, recreational opportunities, and use of the wildlife area by the public. An experienced person in this position may also provide, at times, tours of the facility. Greeters will help visitors purchase merchandise from the Friends of the Mead/McMillan Souvenir Showcase. Individuals who are out-going and enjoy talking to the public will enjoy working in this position.

Knowledge Required:

  • You do not need to be an expert birder or have a vast knowledge of the area plants, just a basic knowledge of the Mead and what it has to offer.
  • A willingness to understand the “Green Building” aspects and renewable energy systems incorporated into the Center.
  • Become familiar with the mission of the wildlife area, educational programming offered at the Center, and general use of the wildlife area.

Committment:  Any length of involvement is welcomed


  • Saturdays in the months of June thru August:  11am to 3pm 

*The Center will be closed Holiday weekends*

Grounds Maintenance Person

Grounds Maintenance Person Job Duties: An individual in this position will undertake general weekly maintenance of the facility. Duties will include but not limited to: lawn mowing, weeding around the center and gardens, feeding the birds, cleaning of exterior windows and doors, staining, and painting projects. Volunteers should be familiar with general lawn and garden tools. Training will be provided.

Knowledge Required:

  • Familiarity with general lawn and garden tools.
  • A desire to work out of doors and the ability to work alone or with others.

Hours: Hours may range from 2 to 4 hours per week per person. It is estimated that grounds maintenance of the facility will total 8-15 hours per week during the warmer months.

Days: Weekdays and occasional weekend days, as volunteer’s schedule allows.

Term: Any level of involvement welcomed, 6 months or long term commitments at your discretion.

Wildlife Area Assistant

Wildlife Area Assistant Job Duties: Most individuals in this position will undertake general weekly wildlife area maintenance activities. Some individuals will have the opportunity to participate in seasonal wildlife surveys. Volunteers should have a desire to work outdoors, be familiar with hand tools used in general maintenance and construction, have a valid Wisconsin driver’s license and be able to work alone or with others. Training will be provided.

Knowledge Required:

  • A desire to work outdoors in variable weather conditions.
  • Familiarity with hand tools used in general maintenance and construction.
  • Loading/unloading trailers.
  • Valid Wisconsin drivers license.
  • Ability to work alone or with others.
  • Some heavy lifting, ability to walk long distances in a variety of habitats.

Hours: Hours are normally scheduled as one 8 hour day per week. However other accommodations will be considered. Individuals may choose to work on their own schedule for select projects after establishing an experience base.

Days: Wednesday has become the established work day for staff and wildlife assistant volunteers. However if you are interested in this position, the staff is willing to work with you to create a schedule that is workable for all.

Term: Any length of involvement is welcomed, 6 months or long term commitments at your discretion.

** A log book is maintained to document hours. Please remember to fill out after every volunteer opportunity. Recorded hours assist with our grant writing.**