There are many ways to contribute to Mead Wildlife Area. Tax deductible, monetary donations are used for wildlife education, educational supplies, wildlife management practices, maintenance of the Stanton W. Mead Education and Visitor Center, updated maps and information on Mead/McMillan Wildlife Areas, and so much more. Non-monetary donations allow the Friends and the Mead staff increased flexibility with monetary expenditures.

The Mead Wildlife Area has served over 6,000 students from 49 different schools from 16 school districts and 2,200 adults with its no-charge educational programs. The contributions support various land and wildlife management activities at the Mead which can be quite costly. Please consider donating to the Mead to assist in the ongoing enhancement of this wonderful property and its purpose!

Volunteering: A great way to spend time at the Mead is through volunteering. You can assist with the grounds, the Education and Visitor Center, educational activities, or wildlife projects.

No experience is required – we'll provide the training! 

Over 130 individuals have volunteered thousands of hours at the Mead.

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Friends membership: As a member of The Friends of the Mead/McMillan Association, Inc., you can be confident your donation will be spent appropriately. All items or services purchased for the Mead/McMillan wildlife areas are given thoughtful and appropriate consideration by the Friends Board of Directors and the Mead staff. There are over 150 Friends.
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Inscribed Brick or Tile

Inscribed brick or tile: These items are installed in either the amphitheater or in the Center itself. Both are excellent methods to proclaim an individual, civic organization’s, business’s commitment to the Mead, or to honor a loved one. A total of over 300 businesses, organizations, schools, and individuals have purchased bricks or tiles. Information pertaining to bricks and tiles can be found here.
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Souvenir Showcase

Souvenir Showcase: Many souvenir items are for sale at the Education and Visitor Center. The following items are for sale: wristbands, key chains, buttons, plastic water bottles,  caps, youth and adult T-shirts, and wildlife DVDs. All items have Mead inscriptions or pictures of wildlife found at the Mead. Please see the Souvenir Showcase for details and prices. Proceeds go towards the many projects supported by the Friends.

Monetary donations: Any amount can be given to support the various activities at the Mead. Donations can be made to a general fund or for a targeted cause (restricted funds). A $20 donation will buy much needed materials for educational activities.

Past donations have purchased a Smart TV for the classroom, microscopes, wildflower seeds, plants, and signage, totes and trunks for education al lesson matrials, Visitor Center wildlife mounts, and much more.

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Mead Wildlife Area Trust

Mead Wildlife Area Trust: The Trust is an endowment started in 2006. Its goal was to raise at least $1,000,000 to be used primarily for funding the salary of a permanent fulltime educator and educational materials. The Trust can also be used for land acquisition.

The Trust was made possible by a challenge grant of $500,000 donated by the Mead Witter Foundation of Wisconsin Rapids. The Friends raised the matching $500,000 within one year and accepted donations from 173 contributors. The earnings from the Trust pay the salary of the fulltime natural resources educator (hired in 2008). The B.A. & Esther Greenheck Foundation of Schofield donated $50,000 to be used to pay the salary for this position until enough interest had been earned for the Trust to be self supporting.

The Trust is an open endowment. Tax deductible contributions of any amount are always accepted. The Pension Protection Act of 2006-07 makes it possible for individuals aged 70 1/2 and older at the time of the gift to make tax advantaged gifts to charities by allowing tax-free distributions from Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) of up to $100,000 per year. A distribution must be made directly to a charity from the IRA of an eligible donor by prior arrangement. If you would like to make a charitable gift to the Trust from your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), please check with your financial advisor and IRA administrator to discuss eligibility and procedures and learn more about the advantages to both you and the Friends.

The Recognition board commemorating the major donors to the Trust is displayed in the Lobby of the Education and Visitor Center.

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