Tax Deductible Tile & Brick Donations

Your purchase of a tile or brick helps to support:

  • Wildlife education for over 4,500 area youth, annually
  • The function and maintenance of the Stanton W. Mead Education and Visitor Center
  • Wildlife management practices on the Mead’s 33,000 acres and the McMillan’s 6,500 acres
  • Updated maps and information on Mead and McMillan Wildlife Areas
  • Maintenance of the McMillan Bike Trail

Personalized Tile Donations

Tile Donations

All tiles are 12” x 12” and are placed in the lobby of the building (dozens of tiles are in place and can be viewed for quality & composition). Lines are a maximum of 17 characters.

Download Tile & Brick PDF Here

One Paw $250 - Max. 2 lines of inscription (17 characters per line)
Two Paws $500 - Max. 3 lines of inscription
Four Paws $1,000 - Max. 4 lines of inscription
(add $100 for Corporate logo - email to: [email protected])

Personalized Bricks


Bricks are of 3 sizes:
4” x 8”: 3 lines with 14 characters/line
8” x 8”: 6 lines with 14 characters/line
8”x 16”: 6 lines with 28 characters/line

All three sizes are in place in the amphitheater and can be investigated for quality and composition

Download Tile & Brick PDF Here