Hunting In Wisconsin

Principal huntable wildlife at the Mead Wildlife Area include waterfowl, whitetail deer, turkey, ruffed grouse, woodcock, squirrels and rabbits.


Hunting in wisconsin - Public landThe Mead is a great location for waterfowl hunting. You may find wood ducks in the backwaters of the Little Eau Pleine and a large population of blue-winged teal and mallards on the flowages. These species mixed with ring-necked ducks and a few others regularly offer hunters a large variety of ducks at the Mead.


Hunting in wisconsin - Public land With diverse habitat and croplands on and around the Mead Wildlife Area property offers wonderful opportunities for Whitetail hunters.

Patience and devotion allows for a wonderful hunting experience.

For more information you may enjoy this    Wisconsin DNR Webpage

TurkeyHunting in wisconsin - Public land

Do you have the patience and skill to hunt turkeys at the Mead? If you are new to turkey hunting you may enjoy this   Wisconsin DNR Webpage

Small Game

The Mead provides a variety of small game hunting opportunities.

Hunting squirrels is one of the best ways for a hunters of all levels to hone their skills. Squirrel hunting is usually one of the first experiences for people new to the sport of hunting, and does not need expensive licenses or hunting equipment to be successful.

Ruffed grouse hunting is likely the most demanding of all wing-shooting endeavors. A leisurely stroll through the woods alone, with friends, or dogs is contagious and induces hunters to repeated hunt grouse regardless of success rates.

Make sure to check property regulations regarding wildlife refuge boundaries prior to hunting and be mindful of the signs while enjoying your hunt.

Visit the Wisconsin DNR’s website for  season dates and  regulations.