Join the Friends of the Mead and McMillan State Wildlife Areas

You are invited to join the Friends of the Mead/McMillan Association, Inc.

“Dedicated to increasing public appreciation of wildlife”

The Friends of the Mead/McMillan Association, Inc., is a private, non-profit corporation dedicated to the purpose of assisting with wildlife, interpretive and management activities at the Mead & McMillan State Wildlife Areas.

This organization is comprised of individuals from many different backgrounds interested in increasing public understanding, appreciation, support and enjoyment of wildlife and their habitats.

Your Annual Membership helps support

  • Wildlife education for over 3,500 area youth, annually
  • The function & maintenance of the new Stanton W. Mead Education and Visitor Center
  • Wildlife management practices on the Mead’s 33,000 acres and the McMillan’s 6,500 acres
  • Updated maps and information on the Mead & McMillan Wildlife Areas
  • Maintenance of the Mead and McMillan Bike Trails

To become a member of the Friends, please fill out The Friends Membership Brochure and return it to the address on the brochure along with your membership dues.